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In the beginning I had a setpece

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The team that turns over the apple cart

I quote a dialog
Calvin: "As long as Atleti don't win this LaLiga I'm pretty cool with that"
Rich: "wow! what is your problem with my colcheneros?"
Calvin: "They are awful to watch."
Rich: ""I have one question, are you an atleti supporter? You call a team you don't support awful to watch. I thought the supporters to a team mattered , not the non supporters"
Calvin: "I think I am entitled to an opinion on any football team I watch.
Their supporters have their own views too, not a problem at all."
Rich: "You know what, fair enough, As an atleti supporter I have to realize that my club, that I am very happy with,that all atleti supporters are happy with, is surrounded by non atleti fans who will always chime in their negativities. I have to realize it isn't an insult"
I remember when I started following chelsea, when Drogba came in from MArseille. And, I remember how, english media really hated on chelsea, it was constant. It took me a while to realize that tne entire english media apparatus was dominated by players/coaches/fans of the three red clubs: liverpool/MUFC/Arsenal and chelsea was the first club in the epl era to break up the three red club dominance and the media , dominated by supporters of the three red clubs, made it their point to speak ill of chelsea all the time they could. The only time chelsea was free of negativity from non chelsea supporters was when a trophy was lifted. And even then a veil of negativity was in the narrative.
Atleti has reached a place under Simeone where they are the constant best of the rest. I have never said any club is ugly to watch. When leicester city won the epl title, I thought they were great to watch, no different than MCFC or My londonblue or anybody else.
My biggest issue is this ugly to watch stuff. Don't watch Atleti... I usually don't take sporting things as an insult, but it bothers me when non atleti fans, can't say, they hope atleti lose OR atleti doesn't have a trophy lifting team or similar. But when you say any team is ugly to watch , you are insulting the players on that team trying their best to succeed. .. and I know why this is happening. I remember atletico madrid before simeone. When we were getting annihilated by fc barcelona or real madrid , risking relegation every season, atleti was not ugly then. I find atleti being viewed as ugly coincides with atleti's success. Funny how that works.
Like Chelsea, Atleti have turned over the apple cart a few times and that is the genesis of why non atleti fans suggest atleti is ugly to watch. The good thing is that, unlike Chelsea administration who betrayed their success to fit the non chelsea fan. Atleti administration seem determined to accept atletico madrid successes come from atleti's identity, whether anyone thinks it is ugly to watch or not.
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